Mechanical Engineer
About the job

The Mechanical Engineer will be involved in the design, testing, and analysis of robots for industrial operation.

Essential Functions
  • Works closely with a multi-disciplinary team to design precision electro-mechanical systems.
  • Troubleshoots problems in manufacturing, assembly, and field use of components analyzes test data and reports to determine if designs meet functional and performance specifications
  • Performs detail drawing and drafting of fixtures, mechanical parts and assemblies, and other components
  • Prepares or directs preparation of product and user documentation
  • Operates robots at customer locations to test and improve designs.
  • Part and assembly design, from concept to detail design to manufacturing introduction.
  • Detailed mechanical design for a wide range of production fabrication processes in order to optimize performance and cost.
  • Create, manage, release, and maintain BOM’s.
  • Mechanical modeling and testing of components.
  • Validation of components in system configuration.
  • Coordinate with software and electrical engineers to ensure that all requirements are met.
  • Collaborate with manufacturing engineers and suppliers to transition concepts to production.
Minimum Qualifications
  • Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree program in Mechanical Engineering or related fields
  • 2-6 years experience in designing and building mechanical systems for industry applications
  • Thorough knowledge of mechanical theories, including FEA and controls
  • 2+ year experience in 3D CAD (SolidWorks preferred).
  • Robotics experience preferred
  • Detail oriented personality with solid documentation and reporting skills
  • Experience in machining and rapid prototyping
  • Excellent communication skills
Knowledge and Skills
  • Thrives in a team environment and works well independently
  • Strong critical thinking and problem solving skills
  • Working knowledge of formal methods of design, implementation, testing, and documentation
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills. Ability to effectively communicate technical concepts to both technical and non-technical team members
  • Highly self-motivated and enjoys self-directed learning
  • Excitement for working in a small company environment with the possibility of being asked to solve problems significantly outside of normal job duties
  • Passionate about providing great products.

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