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Reliability & Evaluation

Inspectors are cross trained to acquire the tube data and provide an analysis of the data directly at the job site. This is packaged in our reporting tool with familiar color coding scheme and standard excel sheet layouts. Our inspection results informs our clients of the exact location of the tube defects within the length of the tube and are made available before leaving the job site so that quick and informed decisions regarding any repairs can be made.

What we provide:

  • Review likely causes of damage and recommend inspection techniques.
  • Recommend actions in accordance with industry codes and standards.
  • Tube Wear (Ultrasonic thickness data map).
  • Real-Time HD Video and Visual Inspection.
  • Inspection report with repair recommendations.
  • Create and implement a continuous monitoring plan as needed.

We service power generating and industrial watertube boilers during planned and unplanned outages.

Gecko Robotics performs rapid inspections of the water walls within boilers by integrating high quality ultrasonic testing and real-time HD video and camera with proprietary wall-climbing technology and software platform.

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