We service power generating and industrial water tube boilers and boiler back passes, tanks, silos and other large plant equipment during planned and unplanned outages

Inspections are performed in a fraction of the time through the use of wall-climbing robotic platforms.

Our standard robotic platforms are equipped with high quality ultrasonic sensors and real-time HD video enabling full inspection coverage.

Our Process

1. Quick Setup:

Our inspectors run the robots from the base of boiler eliminating the need for scaffolding and only requiring a 15 minute setup process.

2. Data Collection and NDE:

Our ultrasonic technology and HD camera quickly acquires and delivers comprehensive inspections at speeds of 50,000+ linear feet in a 10-hour shift (100x faster compared with humans on scaffolding who can only cover 100s of linear feet in that time).

3. Evaluation and Results:

Our inspections generate real-time data enabling quick and targeted repair decisions and improving long-term reliability and plant safety.

"Gecko's robotics technology saved my plant an outage last Spring without the use of scaffold."
Jeff Campbell
Engineer Manager at Scrubgrass Generating Plant
"Gecko's robotic solution was faster, cheaper and more accurate than previous methods."
Red Jones
Plant Manager at Mantiwoc Public Utilities
"“Toka 3’s reading found areas of damage that a traditional inspection would have overlooked, in a fraction of the time. Gecko Robotics’ accuracy saved Schuylkill from a forced outage.”
Gene Dale
Engineering Manager at Schuylkill Energy Resources
"Gecko Robotics is the best viable method for UT and visual inspections."
Red Jones
Plant Manager at Mantiwoc Public Utilities